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The team at Peter Pan Pre-School are extremely proud to hold an outstanding Ofsted grade. Please see below some key points from our last report. 

  • Teaching is of consistently high quality. Highly qualified staff are consistently responsive to children's changing interests and needs. As a result, children make outstanding progress in their learning and development.

  • The learning environment is extremely well-resourced and organised. Children are always stimulated and engaged in activities, which promotes excellent behaviour.

  • Staff are significantly skilled in teaching children about diversity, the world around them and the local community. Therefore, children have an excellent understanding about similarities and differences in people.

  • Staff have excellent partnerships with parents. This means children receive swift and timely support, both at home and at pre-school, to help them catch up and progress quickly.

  • Physical exercise is highly valued and nutritious snacks provided; therefore staff are extremely good at promoting children's well-being.


  • Staff value the very strong links they have with a wide range of early years professionals and local schools. This provides extensive support for children who need additional support or for the move to school.

  • The manager implements a range of support and mentoring for staff so they continuously improve their teaching skills. As a result, outcomes for children are exceptional.


  • The manager undertakes a regular self-evaluation process, which includes the views of staff, parents and children. This ensures that children consistently benefit from the preschool's outstanding provision.

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